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Change sucks, but it‘s almost always a good thing - Ep 008

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Blake Beus  0:01  
Hi, I'm Blake Beus, and I'm your marketing technology Maestro.

Greg Marshall  0:06  
Hey, I'm Greg Marshall. I'm your social media marketing strategist.

Blake Beus  0:09  
And this is the modern marketers podcast. Okay, so we want to talk about on this Motivation Monday, Monday motivation. I don't know which. Yeah, it's around. But

Greg Marshall  0:23  
it's I think it's all good. We'll keep it open and flexible. Yeah. So I think, you know, we want to talk about change. And what was the quote that we change brings opportunity? Yes. So change. The funny thing about change is, I don't know about you. But I hate it. But I know that it's necessary. And all of the great things in my life have always come from changes. Yeah, even though I tend to resist them as much as possible. And I don't know if that's something that's just a thing that I worry and deal with all the time. Yeah. Or if you ever feel that way, but I do know that. Over the years, I have trained myself to understand, the more I resist something, the more likely I need to do it. Yeah. And it never feels good when I do it, initially. But it always turns out better. So what, what situations or experiences have you had?

Blake Beus  1:19  
Yeah, well, I mean, look, the fact that matter is, every good thing that is coming in my life has come through some sort of difficult changes, like literally everywhere, difficult, difficult change, right, like easy changes, that's fine. But some sort of difficult change, whether that's, you know, when I first graduated college, doing job interviews and things, those those are all difficult than getting hired on that whole, the whole, like, first 30 days, that job is a very difficult Yes, or, or even when I got let go from my most recent job, which started my entrepreneur journey. That was a super difficult change as well, that was not like a fun situation to go through. But I'm happy with where I'm at now. Yep. And

Greg Marshall  2:05  
you probably got a lot of benefits from from those changes. And even though they sting when those changes happen, they hurt.

Blake Beus  2:14  
Yeah, they hurt really bad. They hurt really bad. So so, you know, let's talk about when you're presented with those difficult changes, like, is there a mindset? Greg, do you think that that helps you get through that? Or? Or is it just something you just realize, this is the hard thing, I'm just gonna plow through it or what let's talk about how to get through those difficult change. For me,

Greg Marshall  2:35  
I know, in the past I've struggled with, with these changes, because a lot of times they come at like inopportune times, right? And it's not the picture, perfect idea that you had in your head, before these changes came about. But typically, what I tend to do, that I didn't do a long time ago, is I tend to surrender to it. So I actually think, Alright, this change is going to happen, whether I like it or not. So I'm going to have to make the best of this change. And I use past experiences as reference points to kind of, I guess, Kotoko made me feel better. Yeah, which is, I've gone through the changes before in the past, and I've survived. Yeah. And typically, not only have I survived them, but I've gotten better and stronger from them, even though the lessons that are learned are very challenging. And like I said, they stain while they're happening. And so the mindset I like to use is to surrender to a man to understand that I can't control everything in the world, I can only control few things. And so just focus on that, and not worry so much about, you know, the future and the anxiety that it can bring when you get these changes. So that's what's helped me in the past, as far as mindset wise, just it I think it's almost counterintuitive, at least to me, it's counterintuitive, which is to surrender, when it happens, just surrender to it, and figure out how can I make this situation the best that I can make it and trust in the process? Yeah, as cliche as all that sounds. That's that's really what my mindset goes, right?

Blake Beus  4:09  
Yeah. Also, sometimes cliches are true. Yeah. Just because it's a cliche doesn't mean that it's false. So yes, that Ray boy, I like that surrender. And honestly, that's something that I need to to work on more, I will say, in addition to surrendering. One of the things I've had to learn to do, and one of the things I've noticed I do, and I know other people do this, too, is I tend to take all of the future negative possibilities, and cram them into this instant right now saying, Oh, my gosh, this change has made it so that all of these future potential things could happen. And then I feel all of that, you know, weight gain right now, in this instant, but it's impossible to actually do anything about all of that stuff right now. In a sense, yeah, because you can only do One thing at a time, yeah, one step forward at a time. So one things I've had to do is is reduce the reduce my mindset around the permanence. Yes, some of the change in the permanence of some of these potential impacts. Yep. And focus on the temporary or the impermanence of the things that I can do right now that can have a large impact later on. Yes. And it's, it's been this weird thing that I've kind of realized over the last year is the difference between permanent negatives, versus temporary negatives, permanent positive positives versus temporary positives and focusing on the things that I can, you know, manage right now. Yep. And that can directly impact the permanence moving forward, or whatever?

Greg Marshall  5:47  
Well, I think something I like to use, that's important, is essentially controlling something that is outside whatever the situation of the change is. And so for example, if I'm going through a big change, I tend to like to, you know, grab on to a different goal at the moment to help me kind of deal and cope with the current change that's going through, right, which, you know, in some cases, sometimes it's fitness related, family related, but just something different than what's currently going on, so that I can have a sense of accomplishment. I like that, right. So that it just, these are just coping mechanisms that I learned over the years to try to keep myself motivated, and to not get so discouraged on any type of change that I give up. And so these are literally like tricks that I play on myself, to try to get myself to keep moving forward, because I know I have to, and it's mostly a psychological game.

Blake Beus  6:50  
Well, we'll wrap it up right here, but you heard it here. Greg says he tricks himself into being motivated. Yes. Yeah,

Greg Marshall  6:55  
that's definitely true. Totally

Blake Beus  6:56  
does work. I mean, I've actually read studies of things that show that that definitely works. It's part of the I know, this is another cliche, fake it till you make it. Yep. But that's, that's part of that. We can trick our brains into, into moving forward on things by by selecting smaller goals that we can accomplish right now. So anyway, we'll keep the short. We'll wrap it up right now. We'll see you guys next

Greg Marshall  7:19  
week. We'll see you next week and we'll get you pumped up



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